IFC Update 2023.1.0.0


Our IFC updates are now available via the Autodesk Desktop App or in the Autodesk Desktop Account at manage.autodesk.com – starting with 2023.1.0.0, the first update for Revit / Navisworks 2023 with the open source code as well as minor improvements and bug fixes.

This is the same version that is also available as usual github has been published. To achieve best results in openBIM workflows, you should update the IFC interface regularly.


  • Added support for linking IFC files with the IfcBlock entity
  • Added default color for some floors with openings exported to IFC
  • Addin version visualization moved out from the exporter window title
  • Chagned the name format of imported properties
  • Improved linking of some extruded geometry with thin walls in IFC files
  • Improved linking of IFC files that contained geometry with degenerate faces
  • Improved the performance and reduced the file size of exported IFC files containing fabrication parts
  • Improved the appearance of some objects in linked IFC files that have multiple openings, some of which are mesh-based

Bug fixes:

  • Corrected the location of the axis line for some beams exported to IFC
  • Fixed the issue with wrong user defined properties
  • Fixed export to IFC of some Revit files that contained problematic floors or roofs
  • Fixed crash when click to open the IFC Modify Setup button.
  • Fixed couple of GLOB issues


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