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Renumber Rooms

These buttons are used to quickly renumber items by clicking on the specific target whether a room, door, or viewport.  Follow the steps below for each type of renumbering to easily and swiftly renumber items.  This procedure is applicable in Revit 2018 to Revit 2018.

Step 1:  To begin, navigate to the BIMeta tool bar and click down to the Renumber By Rooms Command.

Step 2:  Next, proceed to click on the rooms you want to renumber in chronological order.  You can easily select rooms by clicking on Tab over the room names to select them accordingly.  The room should show up with a X mark and the total space to be displayed as a color.

Step 3:  Finally, once you have selected all the applicable rooms in the order you would like them renumbered, you can now click on the ESC button.  This will terminate the command and renumber accordingly.  Please Note: You may have duplicates or get a duplicate warning if you do not select all of your rooms.

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