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Door Offset Tool

This button is ideal whenever working with doors and trying to get a consistent offset from a wall.  By following the steps below, you can rest assure that each door will be offset from a wall with the appropriate measurements.  This procedure is applicable in Revit 2018 to Revit 2022.

Step 1:  To begin, navigate to the BIMeta tool bar and click down to the Door Offset Tool.

Step 2:  Once you have clicked on the Door Offset Tool, you will see a dialog appear asking for an input value.  For Example: 0.5 Units may equal 0’-6” Offset.

Step 3:  Finally, begin by selecting a door and then selecting the wall that you want the door to be offset from.  Once you are done selecting your doors and walls, hit ESC to finish the command to see all the doors move accordingly.

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