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AutoCAD Converter

This button is perfect when converting AutoCAD details into Revit.  This procedure keeps your lineweights intact, while converting over to Revit Lineweight standards.  By utilizing our AutoCAD converter, you will save hundreds of hours.  This procedure is applicable in Revit 2018 to Revit 2018.

Keep in mind that if this icon is greyed out, you will need to purchase a license through our website.

Step 1:  To begin, navigate to the View Tab and create a new Drafting view.  This drafting view can be called anything you choose as they are primarily used for detailing.

Step 2:  Once you have created a drafting view in your Revit file, proceed to BIMeta Tab and click on CAD Detail Converter.

Here you will be asked which view you would like to import your AutoCAD Dwg File too.  Furthermore, you will have to select the DWG file you wish to convert.

Step 3: Once you have selected your DWG file, a prompt with both the line weights and text options will appear.  These options are based on line weights and line types both found in the Original AutoCAD file and your current Revit File.

Step 4: Once you have successfully chosen the linetypes and text you want to convert, Click on Convert.  You may also export and import these default settings to save for multiple AutoCAD files.  The results are shown below:

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