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Text Tools

These instructions are for the text tools whether using the combine tool, text tool, align text, or spell check.  By programming these options into Revit utilizing the API (Automatic Programming Interface), users can utilize the keyboard shortcut (KS) method to use text tools. This procedure is applicable in Revit 2018 to Revit 2022.

Combine Text:

Once you have your text that is separate objects, you can simply click on your first text and then to the next.  You may keep clicking to combine the text into one multi-line object until you hit the ESC button.  Repeat as required. 

Text Option:

This button follows the same functionality as the text option in the annotate tab.  You can easily select whether you want a leader, size, font, and position.  We included this text option so you can stay on our main detail tab without having to flip.

Check Spelling:

To use our check spelling option, simply click on the button and it will go through the document to ensure your library and spelling is up to date.  This is a great tool to use last minute just to verify all the information is correct.

Align Text:

This align text tool is perfect for those people that want their details extra perfect.  Not only does our align text option follow the same justification (Left, Center, Right), but will align the text based on the initial selection.  To use our tool, simply click on the text you would like to be followed.  Next, click on the follow text you would like to align.  Finally, click ESC to end the current command.  The best part of this is that arrows / leaders will not be affected so you do not have to worry about altering what they point too.

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