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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. What makes your company unique and different from others?

    Our company is not just founded on users, but listens deeply to our customers.   If there is specific ideas or suggestions you would like us to investigate and potentially create, we will do so.  While we cannot promise every plugin in the world, we continuously try to think of new and innovative plugins that will help the average users quality of time.


    1. How do I activate / deactivate my product?

    Activation:  After you have made your purchase, you will be emailed your activation code and password corresponding to your product. Once you have installed the product, you can then enter in your information by clicking on the “License button”.  In this dialog box, you will then input your information after clicking on Activate Online.  Once this information is properly entered, you will be able to access all of our plugins.

    Deactivation: We have two methods of properly deactivating your account from a licensed computer.  One method is to open up Autodesk Revit, proceed to the “License” button underneath your “BIMeta Tab”, and click on the “Deactivate” button. The second method is to access your account through our site by clicking on the “My Account” Link.  Once you click on your account and login, you will be able to proceed to “Licenses And Activations”.  Under this section, you will be allowed to view, re-download your products, and deactivate your product.


    1. I noticed that I have deactivated my software through my manager account, but the plugins still are active?

    To ensure proper deactivation through a license, please click on the refresh button in your license utility manager provided in your plugin.  Please keep in mind that your license file is constantly checking your online account.


    1. How many times am I allowed to deactivate my software?

    To ensure product security, we have put a max deactivation limit of 10 times per license.  If you need additional deactivations on a product, please fill out a form in our “Contact Us” section.


    1. My computer died and I am unable to deactivate / refresh my license through my computer, now what?

    Thanks to our programming / license utility manager system, our licenses check for internet source ever 2 to 3 days.  Therefore, if the connection is broken than an internet connection to your account will have to be restored.  If this connection is not restored (In the instance of system failure), your license will be deactivated to that computer and can be retrieved through “My Account” on our website.


    1. How do I manage my account settings?

    Once in our website, you can click on My Account.  There, you will be able to re-download your products, manage your licenses (Activation and Deactivation), and adjust your payment plans.


    1. Can I use my license on my laptop as well as a desktop?

    When purchasing a license, you are allocated one license per user.  You may request an additional license for your laptop, pending amount of licenses purchased.  Please contact us directly for additional details however, you can manage your activations and deactivations through our website.


    1. Do your plugins work with every setup?

    While we have not tested our plugins developed on every single configuration, generally if your system can run Revit® (Not Revit LT™), then our plugins should operate fully.  If you are experiencing any issues, please fill out a form in our “Contact Us” section.


    1. I noticed that your RevitCity Search Bar doesn’t fit and only works when I drag it off the interface. Are there plans on changing this?

    We are always making new improvements to all of our products.  In our future development, we will be creating a new plugin management system to allow you the full use and customization to our ribbon system.


    1. How often will you be making updates to the plugins?

    Generally, we will be releasing anywhere from 5 to 10 new plugins every 6 months to keep our subscription customers satisfied.  If you have a specific plugin idea you have in mind, feel free to contact and submit your idea through our main Forum or Contact Us Section.


    1. Can I really access the tutorial site anywhere?

    Yes.  Since our video tutorials have been uploaded onto Youtube, a Worldwide Platform, you can watch our videos online through a computer, android, apple, or mobile device.  Please keep in mind Data charges may apply.


    1. How many emails should I be expecting from the BIMeta about promotional and materials?

    We do our absolute best to make sure each email we send out is meaningful and direct.  Therefore, we will only send out a max of two emails per month to ensure quality, product support, and discounts are held to the highest standard.


    1. I want to stop my email subscription. How do I do that?

    While we are upset to see you leave, our company honors every unsubscription request sent to us.  You may submit a request through our general email support, or by clicking “Unsubscribe” on the bottom of any of our emails.


    1. I see that your company sells Autodesk® Products. Are your plugins certified or tested by Autodesk?

    Our company is proud to be an Affiliate Member Of Autodesk for USA, Europe and UK which we have been granted special permission by Autodesk to sell their software.  However, Autodesk does not hold any responsibility, and is not liable over any of the plugins or tutorials sold within this website.  If you have any issues or concerns, please contact the BIMeta Support Team and a representative will be happy to assist you.


    1. Can I get a refund if my product does not work?

    Under special instances, we do allow for a partial or full refund pending the reason.  Tutorials are non-refundable. We have provided a free trial version before you purchase any of our products to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied.  If you have any further questions in regards to our refund policy, please see our “Disclaimer” section under Additional Resources.

    Autodesk, Revit, and Revit LT are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk, Inc., in the USA and other countries.


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