Baby Got A New Car ?

I swear this pandemic / Covid 19 may have really gotten to people. It seems with riots going on over George Floyd, cops getting killed, and looting going on, this madness will never stop… But at 100 degrees, Angie needs a new whip!

Fortunately, my better half and I had other issues… Car issues! Angie’s 2001 Grand Marquis has around $2,500 of repairs that need to be made between the pinment arm, air conditioner and compressor, power steering, and other issues! At first, We both agreed she needed a new car but she had no idea what she even wanted.

On Sunday, we scheduled an appointment with a guy named Doug from Car Max who, let me tell you, kept spouting out lies after lies. After we said we wanted time fo think about it, he practically kicked us out saying he cant do business with us! Such an asshole.

When we got back home after Angie not being able to find her title for the car, I told her how uncomfortable I was with her being forced into a decision that was so expensive! She agreed… So we plugged on. After 10 minutes had passed, I decided to call their Henderson location about doing a test drive. Once on the phone, the guy exposed how much of a jerk and lier Doug was to us and Angie could not be happier!

(Need to continue)

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