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Autodesk Forge is a cloud-based developer platform that offers direct access to model data in the cloud and can not only display it, but also supports cross-team and cross-process collaboration and offers a range of possibilities for process automation in various areas.

The Forge platform consists of several components, also called APIs (Application Programming Interface). The Forge Viewer is the fundamental end-user visible component that enables model viewing – this viewer is also used in the Autodesk Construction Cloud.
You can, however, with one Forge application create your own viewer and integrate it, for example, on your own website or the company’s intranet to display your models stored on the Autodesk Cloud. This has the advantage that you can adapt the viewer exactly to your needs, hide or show certain functions or integrate completely new functions – such as diagrams or mass evaluations.

Here are some interesting application examples and inspiration:

  • Example of our Forge team with some optional built-in extensions: Forge Extensions (
    The extension is particularly interesting visual clusterswhich automatically sorts the model by category, which provides a very good overview of the built-in elements:
  • Tailored digital twin according to our own specifications for all areas: Autodesk Forge: Digital Twin Demo
    Annotation: Autodesk Tandem is the platform for the real estate sector and offers a ready-made solution for document transfer and digital twins. With Autodesk Forge, on the other hand, you can develop your own digital twin platform according to your own specifications.

Now how can you get started with Forge yourself?

As already mentioned, Autodesk Forge is a developer platform and therefore requires at least basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, as well as Javascript or .NET. The Autodesk Forge team offers a number of free Forge training opportunities for anyone interested:

Forge online boot camp are free, four-day events and usually take place twice a year. The first 3 days are dedicated to the viewer and you will learn how to upload models, retrieve your models from the Autodesk Cloud and extend the viewer with dashboards:

You can always access the recordings of the last boot camp on the official YouTube channel: DevTV from Autodesk – YouTube

That Forge accelerator program is available to you in the next step if you already have a clear idea of ​​your desired application. As part of the accelerators, which are also free, you can work on your application online or on site (in this case you only have to pay the travel expenses) and get direct advice from the Autodesk Forge specialists.

Lightning Talks are webinars on special topics, such as the automated IFC export from Revit or the integration of point clouds in Forge, which are of course also available to you as recordings afterwards.

We wish you every success with Autodesk Forge!


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