Autocad Plugin



For the people who are trying to convert their AutoCAD® files into Revit®, this is just the first step to making the process that much easier. Due to the fact that Revit, an Autodesk® Product, does not currently read Xclips, Blocks, Or Boundaries set in AutoCAD. You must flatten your files first.

WARNING: This plugin only works if one layer of blocks or clips are used. If multiple blocks are within other blocks, you may need to do additional editing.

To begin, click: HERE to download a Free copy of the plugin.

In order to install, please follow the directions listed below:

  1. Download the necessary files from the link provided above. (You may have to unblock the file by right clicking on properties, and Unblock before extracting).
  2. Open up a default AutoCAD File.
  3. Type in Ribbon Command in order to enable the Ribbon.  (Cad Command: RibbonClose later if no longer needed.)
  4. Type in NETLOAD and select the files downloaded.  (Note: It may take two or three tries before NETLOAD correctly loads in the plugin)
  5. After the toolbar in the Ribbon is loaded, click on the button and wait till the file is done.
  6. You can now save your file in an alternate location to use your AutoCAD to Revit Detail Converter.  If you have any problems, please use our contact us section and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

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