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At BIMeta, we are passionate about bringing Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Interior designers some of the latest plugins, tutorials, and software available on the market. Much like many businesses that started out with just one person with a vision, our team has grown to over 30 people worldwide with a huge enthusiasm and taste for new work. While our company was started and founded initially in 2013, over the course of only the past three years, have we grown from the founder to working with people in over ten different countries worldwide.


Through the use of Building Information modeling, we can better understand and comprehend many of the issues we face through typical 2D drafting techniques. Our vision is to educate the general AEC industry by providing top notch tutorials and lessons to Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Interior Designers world wide.


Since our team is made up of so many people worldwide, our company is filled with diversity, perspectives, enthusiasm and innovation! Each and everyone of our team members all work together inputting opinions, suggestions, and ideas to give our customers better and more reliable products. While we always strive to make the best plugins for B.I.M. technologies, our number one goal is to ensure that each one of our customers are completely satisfied.

Our Team

Allie Summers

Director of Operations / Marketing
Allie Summers is a relationship builder, creative thinker, and overall go-getter, and does it all with a positive attitude and smile on her face. She comes from Fayetteville, Arkansas, a hotbed for startups, where she got her start in digital marketing after getting her degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Arkansas.

Kevin J. Bruno

Owner And Chief Executive Officer
Kevin is proud to be the owner and CEO of the BIMeta Corporation. What once started with just himself doing 3D Visualizations for clients, has rapidly expanded to become a World Wide Organization assisting Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers, and the overall AEC Industry. Kevin's main goal is to re-define just how efficient the industry can be. Feel free to contact him directly through his social media links below.

Cameron Banowsky

Chief Development Officer
Cameron brings in a multitude of talents from security development, overseeing of coding operations, and organizational structure to BIMeta's Software Devision. His abilities in coding stretches from C# Development, to overall security procedures.

Samantha Stepper

Social Media Marketing Manager
Originally from New York City, Samantha is a recent graduate of the University of Central Florida (go Knights!) I wanted to take my Bachelor’s degree in Human Communications & Mass Communications and implement this knowledge into helping others. I interned at the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness my last year of college and I am passionate about helping the less fortunate.

Mobin Benny

Professional Website Designer
Mobin is a professional website designer who has had over 10 years experience in WordPress, HTML, Java, and a series of coding expertise. While Mobin is a recent addition to BIMeta, his skills and knowledge surpass a multitude of some of the most experienced web developers.

Bunny Hernandez

Software Coordination Specialist
Bunny Hernandez expertise in development and software knowledge has made her a quintessential member of the BIMeta Team. She has been able to help in micro-managing many of the software deadlines and constraints along side the President of BIMeta.

Santiago Berrones

Top Notch Visualizations Expert
Santiago is a Licensed architect with more than 14 years of experience. He is experienced in architectural design and three-dimensional visualizations, specialist in different types of software dedicated to architecture and design. Santiago has been one of our top notch visualization experts since the dawn of the company providing hundreds of renderings over the past seven years.

Danilo Donor Jr.

High End Visualizations Expert
Danilo is a professional architect who have found the potentials of BIM technology at a young age and pushed its limits to attain sophisticated yet sensible architectural designs. He has been with the company since it's first inception back in 2015 making visualizations for clients around the world.

Ernesto Anzora

Top Notch Visualizations Expert
Ernesto is an architect with 10 years of experience in the use of BIM programs (Revit). Specialized in the creation of three-dimensional visualizations for architecture has collaborated for the company since his beginnings contributing with his experience in softwares especially for this purpose that customers have a better perspective of your projects.

We Have Developers For All Your Programming Needs.

C#/ .NET, Xaramin, C++, wxWidgets, QT
Web Backend:

Node.js, NextJS, Express, Python, C++, .NET Core, Blazor, ASP.NET Core, PHP, WordPress


Kotlin, Java, Swift, Objective-C, C++, Flutter

Web Frontend:

Angular, React, Vue, Vuetify, Nuxt, Blazor


Web3.js, Solidity, C++, Go


C, C++, Python