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Our latest Software Enhancements truly mainstream the Building Information Modeling Age. Click below for our Autodesk Revit Plugins.
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Virtual Reality And Beyond
Our Virtual Reality Application not only can be seen from our Desktop Enhancements, but uploaded directly to your mobile device instantly. Now accessing your renderings has never been easier!
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We Are Team BiMeta

At BIMeta, we are passionate about bringing Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Interior designers some of the latest plugins, tutorials, and software available on the market. Much like many businesses that started out with just one person with a vision, our team has grown to over 30 people worldwide with a huge enthusiasm and taste for new work. While our company was started and founded initially in 2013, over the course of only the past three years, have we grown from the founder to working with people in over ten different countries worldwide.

Next-generation virtual reality

The word-class services from biMeta

3D Rendering

We provide Architectural Photo realistic 3D Rendering Services for Home Builders, Architects, Developers, Real Estate Agents, Marketing Companies etc.


Photo-realistic visualisation and modelling is an extremely cost effective method of enabling communication of the design, before full commitment of cost and time is required.


We create 3D architectural animations that virtually showcase 3D environments for new construction development projects.

Virtual Reality

We provide high quality immersive virtual reality services and 360┬░ video live streaming production and interactive virtual tours for various businesses.

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BiMeta Plugins

Know more about the Word-class plugins from us.

Revit Plugins

Version 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 available now.

Virtual Reality Application

Version 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 available now.

Free AutoCAD Plugin

Compressing plugin for autocad® software

Tutorials from us

Watch how-to videos and platform tutorials and more.

Contextual Help for Plugins

Check our tutorials and contextual help for plugins below

Revit Main Toolbar

Contextual help for KB-BIM Plugin

Revit Programmable Toolbar

Contextual help for KB-Detail Plugin

"A groundbreaking design that delivers on its promises and exceeds expectations- even with the bar set high. This truly feels like the future of gaming."
Sandra Thompson
Tech Reviewer

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